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Mukwati Oils, a social enterprise in Zimbabwe, produces essential oils (resurrection bush, tagetes, turpentine tree, camphor bush and lemon bush oil) as well as cold-pressed oils (baobab, marula, moringa and mongongo).

Mukwati is a word from Shona, which is the language of the Bantu people in Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, and it means Together. It perfectly reflects our inclusive business approach: together with the most vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe, we are producing our precious essential and cold-pressed oils, thus enabling our collectors and smallholder farmers to earn the so much needed additional income in order to make a living. Our range currently includes cold-pressed oils for cosmetics (baobab oil, marula oil, moringa oil) and steam-distilled essential oils for aromatherapy and medicinal use (resurrection bush oil, camphor bush oil, tagetes oil, lemon bush oil and turpentine tree oil).

Our logo represents a drop of golden oil embedded in a Shona Art stone sculpture, underlining our concept of inclusiveness. Anyone who has been to beautiful Zimbabwe (meaning House of Stone by the way), has definitely come across the amazing Shona sculptures, which express the deep values and beliefs of the Shona people and their culture. The sculpture in our logo is a so-called Mother and Child theme – symbolic of community and protection combined with the production of essential oils, as a means to create alternative income for vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe.

The oils that we produce in dry land areas of the country are truly unique: they are not only of best quality and very distinctive. They also carry the power of exceptional people and a strong nation who have stood up against all odds and made this unique business venture possible. And this is just the beginning – we are yet to explore the full potential of Mukwati Oils and its power to uplift many more people from poverty by developing essential and lipid oils from the sheer incredible Zimbabwean flora.

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