Tagetes Oil

Tagetes minuta L., Khaki weed (English), Mexican marigold (English), Stinking roger (English)

The Tagetes plant is a strongly scented erect annual, which may grow up to 2 m. It is considered as a weed of disturbed and cultivated lands. It grows at an altitude of 580 - 1870m in all areas of Zimbabwe. The flowering time is from March to June. Traditionally, it is used for making brooms and as a repellent for preventing against insects.

The plant is sustainably and ethically harvested from the wild by our well trained wild collectors during the months of March to May when it is in flowering stage.

The main chemical components are tagetone, limonene, valeric acid and ocimene etc. Our Tagetes oil has a wild, sweet, fruity almost citrus-like smell and is yellow to reddish-amber in color. Uses: The therapeutic uses of this oil are anti-infectious, anti-microbial, antibiotic, anti-spasmodic, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, insecticide and sedative. Tagetes oil is valuable in keeping insects at bay, and can help with parasitic and fungal infestation. It is used for chest infections, coughs and catarrh, dilating the bronchi, facilitating the flow of mucus and dislodging congestion and can be used in cases of skin infections. It has a healing effect on wounds, cuts, calluses and bunions. Quantities: We sell our valuable Tagetes Oil in any quantities required from 50ml up to bulk. Shipment can be done worldwide.